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Welcome to the home of Belles of Siam!

We are one of the only Siamese cat breeders in Canada and are offering beautiful traditional Siamese and Balinese kittens for sale.

Our kittens are raised in our family home around small children and will make wonderful pets.  These kittens are healthy, up to date on all vaccinations, and ready for a loving home.

Belle's kittens are all of the lovely 'traditional' Siamese type.  Also known as an 'applehead' Siamese, the traditional cat is a large strong cat with a round head, normal looking ears, and lovely blue eyes.  In contrast, the modern version of the Siamese is very slender, with large bat-like ears, an elongated head and pencil thin legs.

Balinese cats are simply a long-haired Siamese.  All Siamese carry a gene for hair length which may be displayed as either short or long, kind of like humans have genes for curly or straight hair.  Balinese come with the same variety of point colours that Siamese do.

Thank-you to Diane Varni of Orecatay Cattery for all her help!

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